V Learning invests in innovation concepts, with select partners, to develop digital learning products to fulfill community needs and to commercialise digital learning resources ready for market.  We've

co-designed and implemented projects that have attracted millions of dollars in learning innovation funding. This includes support from government departments, corporate sponsorship and other funding entities. Here's a few examples of these projects. 

The 4P program is a partnership between GlobalEdge International and V Learning. The online course focuses on post-pandemic personal protection and provides participants with the skills and confidence to work from a secure home, travel safely, avoid unnecessary physical and virtual risk, adapt to increased civil unrest and apply the life skills required to keep safe when there's increased tension in communities.


The online business foundation program provides the perfect starting point for studying business. The program introduces the 12 key areas of business operation and provides an extensive range of visual case studies explaining the entire process of business operation. Students exit the course with a clear understanding of how successful businesses are built and maintained and they have a clear perspective of the opportunities awaiting in their career. 


With an ever increasing emphasis on blended and online learning many educators are feeling left behind. The Design for Educators Graduate Certificate Course provides the skills, knowledge and context to ensure educators have the confidence and ability to plan develop and deliver digital learning. 

We partner with Higher Education providers to offer the Graduate Certificate. 

In partnership with Holmesglen Institute Professional Workplace Solutions we offer the Innovation program for Young Leaders. This virtual program looks at 12 key functions of business and uses virtual case studies to explore the process of creativity and innovation when overcoming existing and potential issues. This provides participants with the strategic skillset to apply innovation across an organisation.

We're passionate about the research and development work we do in visual learning. In partnership with Maine Winny we've initiated a number of community projects focused on visual learning in Papua New Guinea. We aim to empower learners and educators from different language backgrounds and with lower literacy levels. 

Maine Winny

Digital Learning Consultant

For information relating to our PNG projects please contact Maine Winny. Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.

Tim Austin

Digital Learning Consultant

To discuss visual learning courses delivered in Papua New Guinea please contact Tim Austin. Melbourne, Australia. 

A bit about us......

In 1967, a few days apart, Maine was born in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea and Tim was born in the slightly less tropical environment of Launceston, Tasmania. As kids, Tim was trying to warm his feet in cow manure while Maine was dodging crocodiles and wild boar on his way to school. Although you couldn't pick two more different upbringings, for those that know them, they are very, very similar! 

Jump forward to the early Nineties and Maine and Tim formed a life long friendship while studying at Swinburne University. This connection was based on a devotion to visual communication, contribution to community and an idealistic, and rather biased notion that both kids and adults can reach their full potential aided by a key set of visual communication skills. 

So that's what V learning does. We empower learners and educators by providing the visual skill set to communicate their ideas and educate others. In PNG in particular, we aim to protect their extensive culture and language using visuals as a way to practice local language, preserve visual heritage and allowing all community members to contribute to community consultation. 

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