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One of the most efficient ways to communicate learning is using animated videos. V Learning produce cost-effective, engaging animated videos for instruction on any topic. We've worked on projects producing just a few videos through to larger projects developing hundreds of videos on specific topics. 

If you'd like to discuss instructional video development please get in touch and we'll find a cost effective, professional approach to your needs.

Why don't you take a look at some of the projects we've worked on.........

Future Energy Skills

We provide instructional video development for Future Energy Skills. FES represents a consortium of electrical businesses, organisations and learning institutions servicing the renewable energy sector.

Construction Industry

Explainer videos are perfect for enticing potential students to take action. We work with industries and institutions to develop explainer videos like this example. 


We develop software tutorials for all kinds of client needs. We prefer to take a wholistic approach so tutorials are contextualised in relation to connecting systems and processes. In this example we produced numerous software tutorials for Instructional designers at the Alfred Hospital


We develop scenarios designed to promote discussion amongst learners. In this simple example participants are asked to view this video then discuss how the situation could have been dealt with more effectively. 

Box Hill Institute

Often a short video providing an overview of a course can be the perfect way to contextualise learning. In this example the course structure is explained and students have a clear understanding of their learning journey. 

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