This online short course provides an introduction to media design principles for learning. The course follows the production process to develop graphics, audio and video for inclusion in learning programs. 


By following the production process outlined in this course you’ll understand the complete production process and have the skills to develop graphic, audio and video based learning content.

Delivery mode

This short course is delivered online through the Blackboard learning management system or through your institution LMS by arrangement. 


The course has automated formative assessment for each lecture and participants are expected to contribute to discussion forums.  The project component of assessment requires you to develop the graphics and media required for a lecture or case study ready for facilitated presentation or produce a narrated video of a lecture. 

Time commitment

1 hour per lecture and 4 hours assessment = 10 hours


If you are interested in when the next intake will commence or would like to discuss delivery of the course to a group within you institution please make contact here

This topic follows the development process and allows you to select appropriate development tools required for the type of media production you would like to create.

This topic looks at ways to best use readily available design tools for visual communication. You'll enhance your visual design ability by implementing effective methods for graphic composition.

Here you'll explore the audio development process and advance your scripting, recording and editing skills for audio. This will allow you to deliver learning in areas such as podcasting or incorporating audio into video.

This topic introduces the video development process and advances your editing skills for time based media.

Here we'll look at the process of including interactive functionality in your learning design and gain skills in designing interactive activities.

In the final topic we'll explore the many publishing channels available for the different types of media you create.

Here's an example tutorial discussing basic design skills for educators.

Here's an example lecture discussing copyright and intellectual property when sourcing images for your learning designs. 

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