This online short course provides an overview of the tech tools available for learning and provides guidance on the most effective ways to utilise these tools for education.



You’ll have the knowledge and skills to plan and utilise a selection of technology platforms that best suits your learning delivery strategy.


Delivery mode

This short course is delivered online through the Blackboard learning management system or through your institution LMS by arrangement. 



The course has automated formative assessment for each lecture and participants are expected to contribute to discussion forums. A proposal outlining an online subject delivery structure with provision for content delivery, communication and formative assessment is also required.


Time commitment

1 hour per lecture and 4 hours assessment = 10 hours



If you are interested in when the next intake will commence or would like to discuss delivery of the course to a group within you institution please make contact here


How is media production influencing education? This introductory topic looks at the reasons why media and technology skills are now essential for educators.


Learning management systems are now essential for delivering content, communication with learners and managing assessment. The features and functionality of an LMS are outlined here.


Video conferencing and webinars provide flexibility and features that enhance student engagement. The set-up and techniques for using video conferencing are provided in this topic.


Cloud based collaborative environments are the perfect way to communicate and collaborate with peers. In this topic you’ll be provided with a framework to maximise opportunities.


There are many powerful tools that enable virtual group work between students. In this topic you’ll explore options available


An effective educator constantly monitors emerging tools that align with their learning design and delivery. Here you’ll see a framework for keeping up with tech changes.

Tech Tools for Learning introduction

Each of the 6 parts has a lecture delivering theory. Here's an example lecture.

Supplementing each lecture is a case study providing context for the learning. Here's an example case study.

There's a practical component to each lecture providing tutorials on tech tools. Here's an example.