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Here at V Learning we create learning innovations for communication, education and training.

Here's an overview of what we do...........


V Learning has been designing visual learning programs for over 25 years. We take the knowledge we've accumulated from all of our production experience and package this in our courses. All courses have stacks of examples, processes and systems to empower others to design and deliver engaging visual learning innovations. We use webinars, online video and downloadable templates to deliver courses at a time and place that's convenient for you.

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Visual learning for educators

Visual planning for students

Visualising business ideas and strategy


We visualise information so it's ready for delivery across multiple media formats. Here's a small snapshot of some of our work......



We have a long history of designing innovative learning strategies that enhance current practice and open up global market opportunities for educational institutions. We can take that experience and save you time and risk. If your learning institution is transitioning to a media driven delivery format we have the strategy, systems and training to support this happening and provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Our learning innovation strategy involves the following 6 steps. We have very detailed plans and lots of experience helping learning organisations build or enhance their media based learning delivery.


We've been doing R&D in visual learning for over twenty years now. In that time we've found out quite a bit about building production capacity and training highly effective teams. If you're thinking about transitioning your organisation to a more media driven approach we have a functioning model including all the systems and resources to build your production capacity.