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This online course provides detailed methods for evaluating, curating, planning and creating visual resources for any delivery mode. Here's what's covered in the course. 

Mentored programs

Holmes Education Group (Private)

Course: Design for Educators. Visual Learning

Commencement date: Mon March 26. 2018

Format: Webinars, zoom meetings and online video lectures

Duration: 10 weeks

Access: Click here to access video resources. 

Public course

Course: Design for Educators. Visual Learning

Who's it for: Anyone who educates, or wants to educate anyone else

Format: Online video lectures

Duration: 10 modules (Self paced)

Cost: $120 USD

Enroll: TBA

We're just putting the finishing touches on this course and it's due to go live mid 2018. While you're waiting why don't you sign up for a free membership. That way you'll have access to heaps of visual design tips and examples that will help you develop your visual skills.