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Tim Austin is the Director of V Learning and is passionate about creating effective and engaging digital coursework. Tim is the creative director for a team of instructional designers, graphic designers, narrators, animators and video editors specialising in digital learning development. Tim’s been doing this successfully for 25 years, producing hundreds of digital learning projects across a wide range of disciplines for educational institutions and corporations. 

Tim knows great digital learning is not just about the design. It needs to reflect a deep understanding, and extensive experience, in learning delivery. Tim has lectured in multimedia design, animation, and entrepreneurship for Monash University, Swinburne University, and RMIT University and was awarded an Adjunct Professorship at Swinburne University. Tim was also a Visiting Professor for the University of Saint Joseph’s (Macau. China) teaching creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation into their MBA program. 

Tim is active in visual learning research. He was the first MA graduate in animation, interactive multimedia in Australia (RMIT University) and continues to research the most effective techniques to deliver visual learning for communities with lower literacy and language levels.

As a consultant Tim has planned and implemented digital transformation strategies for learning institutions and corporations based on a proven combination of learning technology systems, professional development for educators and rapid media development processes to produce large volumes of effective educational content for delivery across multiple platforms. 

Tim’s vision is to harness the power of visual learning and technology to educate, inspire and empower students, educators, institutions and industries.


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