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We design interactive, self-directed learning for use in Learning Management Systems. This can be anything from micro-credentials through to full qualifications. We have extensive experience in compliance, safety, inductions and all areas of enterprise operations. 

If you'd like to have a chat and see some examples please get in touch.

WorkSafe elearning

Effective E-learning training programs use an engaging narrative to draw participants through content. We designed interactive graphic novels for inductions, compliance, cyber security and diversity for Worksafe Victoria. 

Origin Energy

Branching scenarios are a great way to show the consequences of decisions. We produced e-learning for Engineers at Origin Energy. These were specifically for procedural safety on sites. 

Box Hill Institute

Recently we produced online Micro-credentials for Box Hill Institute. These short interactive courses take around 40 minutes to complete with participants navigating through video, quizzes and graphic content. 

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Emergency Services

We design many programs on inductions, safety and compliance. One example is an online course for First Responders specifically on avoiding secondary incidents on high speed roads. 

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